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A consumer focused trading platform ensuring quick and easy access to the world’s financial markets.

Xmt4 can be said to be a  trading platform that sets the pace in user research and customer happiness. We at Cedar Wealth Management understands that our customers want to focus on making profits and have therefore designed the best system that will help you achieve it.

Your data is of an utmost importance to us and thats why we use the best security technology one can get to protect your trades and other interest effectively against malicious activities from a group or an individual. Our systems are also updated round the clock to ensure uniformity with the latest trends in hacking and counter-hacking activities.

Why not register and join our community of profit seeking market making cfd interests by simply registering and starting with a demo account!

Cedar Wealth Management is said to be the best at what we do and have a proven track record of 100% users satisfaction and user response positive feedback rate. We keep track customers inferences and also improve our services based on data analytical processes and speedy integration of good results results. You can find reasons why we are the number one choice of CFA traders across the world;

    • Competitive trade fees
    • Wide choice of market offerings
    • High market liquidity
    • Array of automated expert traders
    • Regulatory approved
    • Low spreads and leverage options

Our different range of trading options and facilities ensures that we cover the needs of all our customers and traders worldwide from new entrants to experts. Beginners can opt for safe bets by investing in stocks, commodities or index while the more experienced traders can opt for CFAs, forex futures, cryptocurrency swaps and binary options. Meeting your market needs is our priority.

We offer the most sophisticated financial apparatus that enables our users tap into the latest products available to only institutional traders. Our options trading, contract swaps, futures and spot markets are highly optimized to meet user diverse needs.

Xmt4 trader offers the best trading platforms that enable instant connection to market data, analytics, utilizing the MT4 and MT5 platforms to capture the every customer need and thus enabling flexibility in the configuration of user trading systems.

Our support services are impeccable, and use an automated ticketing system to offer round the clock customer service management and response. We respond immediately to tackle and problem or issue relating to your accounts including deposit, withdrawals and processing of transfers. We offer both text and voice channels for a more robust experience.

We also offer video tutorials to newbies and novices explaining the tenets and principles guiding effective trading strategies. How to make profits, manage any losses while maintaining the right attitude and discipline to make trades involving leverage.

All your transactions across any of our platforms are safe and protected with first grade security engineering using best practices. We also use both two and three factor authentication that enables you enjoy the confidence of security while we store your assets in cold wallets that are not connected to any network thus guarantying the absence of any zero day attack. Cedar Wealth Management


To be a market leader means to deliver consistently on high quality services over the years while also keeping the trust giving to us by our customers and not to disappoint them. We remain driven to sustain the high end services at minimal costs which we offer to our end users. This is evident from the great reviews we get from industry leaders and experts who have nothing but positive sentiments towards our brand. They understand the hard work we have put in over the years and use the appropriate channels to communicate this information to both the general public and traders alike.


Following the new regulation by ESMA we have been doing our possible best to reduce our overall leveraged positions in other to ensure that we provide our esteemed clients with the much needed liquidity in times of market crash or government policy sanctions that may affect withdrawals or lead to overall negative on portfolio assets.

Our international reputation amongst experts who use the most sophisticated trading systems and employ research based strategies have given their reviews in the form of comments both on social media and offline at events that matter in the general trader community. 

Our customers who are spread across the world can access financial tools that gives them a great edge to profit from market inefficiencies in their markets. Developed financial markets across Europe, Asia and the Americas provides diversity in trading and market making opportunities for savvy CFA traders.

Finally,Cedar Wealth Management aim remains to make you our client the happiest you can ever be by making sure you make trades using the most sophisticated tools in the business while ensuring safety and maintaining the relevant standards that make trading possible in the international financial markets.